Political, Economic and Sectorial Environment

Analysis of the current situation, political tendencies and economic variables that affect national public life; as well as specific sectors dynamics (perspective and prospective) which allow corporations to identify the public aspects that affect their business scenarios.

Analysis of Public Policies Impact and Legislative or Regulatory Projects

Assessment of content, feasibility and scope of public policy instruments generated by the Executive Branch, as well as legislative projects (presented at the Congress or promoted by the Public Federal Administration) aimed at the creation or reform of regulation applicable to any sector.

Strategic Engagement and Lobbing

Development and implementation of institutional engagement strategies with civil society, government and legislative decision makers; as well as specific lobbing strategies to promote corporate or civil society agendas.

Strengthening of Public-Private Institutional Networks

Advice and assistance to promote long-term relationships with key decision makers on your corporate agendas, based on the design of strategies and schemas which favor win-win scenarios

Diagnosis to identify new markets or public proyects

Identification and analysis of institutional needs embodied in government plans, which correspond to private offer to ease the selection of new businesses in corporate strategies.

Public-Private Convergence to position Corporate Agendas

Design and implementation of public awareness campaigns and Public Affairs strategies focused on capitalizing coincidences between private and public agendas or the promotion of favorable scenarios for the presentations of corporate agendas.